Khongnangthaba University

Established under section 2(F) of UGC Act 1956

First Private University under the Manipur Private Universities act, 2021 (Manipur Act No.6 0f 2021)



The Khongnangthaba University was established with the approval of the government of Manipur under the provision of Manipur private university Act 2021. Under the Act No-6 of 2021. Gazette File No2/3/2021/Leg./L Dated 23rd Feb. 2021.To promote and foster the traditional knowledge and it's value which was the basic foundation of the civilizational process of every social life is also an inseparable part of the education system.

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Khongnangthaba University

In the background of this basic perspective the idea of the establishment of the 'Khongnangthaba University' was conceived on the conceptual platform of one Lourembam Khongnangthaba, a legendary personality of high profile (Chingu/Maichou) who vehemently advocated for the protection and promotion of the identity and importance of the traditional knowledge and it's value. The basic objective of this educational institution is to make a consistent attempt to explore and foster the value of traditional knowledge both in social and technical scientific temparement with positive transformation and interpretation within the framework of national educational curriculum. Apart from this the institution aims to provide and extend facilities for the promotion of an academic environment to create a platform for the growth and strengthening of the degree of the quality of skill and intellect by exploring the traditional expertise and resources through the intensive research work.

The identity of the nation can be distinctively manifested only when the value of the traditional knowledge is fully explored. But the education system introduced during the British Colonial period and it's subsequent continuous process has produced a catastrophic effect towards the promotion of the knowledge of the traditional value of the oriental social life particularly of the small society like Manipur. The present framework of the structure of the education system has not given enough and proper space to impart the importance of the value of the knowledge of oriental outlook to the young blood of the society through the platform of the education. Now after having a long experience of it's merits and demerits the people began to assert for the promotion of the traditional knowledge and it's concept of oriental outlook in the tune of the ongoing developmental process of modern social life with new interpretation through the academic curriculum.