The Khongnangthaba University

11/3/20232 min read

The Khongnangthaba University was established with the approval of the government of Manipur under the provision of Manipur private university Act 2021. Under the Act No-6 of 2021. Gazette File No2/3/2021/Leg./L Dated 23rd Feb. 2021.To promote and foster the traditional knowledge and it's value which was the basic foundation of the civilizational process of every social life is also an inseparable part of the education system.


Vision- To promote a versatile and energetic open and distance learning system to fullfil the educational aspiration of the society.

Mission- The University aims to create a new academic environment with the basic commitment in the field of research work to enhance and promote the local talents for the development and welfare of the socio political life of the state.

To provide necessary knowledge and skill to meet entrepreneurial development and managerial requirement of the industry and support a sustanable community extension programme and be a catalyst for social transformation and customs of Indian cultural heritage. To establish and foster a good relationship between India and other countries of South East Asia through academic activities particularly in the areas of social health technological platform. The proposal university also looked forward for the establishment of some mind of political and economic relationship for this foundation.

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